RGR in the Awesome-Cup Real Gamers

RGR in the Awesome-Cup


Thats right that Awesome-Cup which is already turned into a huge tournament for Awesomenauts is starting this Weekend with RGRs own LGice, Lugonation(aka King_of_omni, and one of our newest members The_Ferg will be competing in the tournament this weekend.I will be sure to record all Matches and upload to our youtube channel as soon the matches are over – might even try and stream
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RGR Plays Awesomenauts Ep.1


Welcome To The First Video Of Real Gamers Realm Plays Awesomenauts!!!! This is our very first test video and hope to have a lot more coming soon.

Featuring LG and Lugonation

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Upcoming Games of 2014


A great list of Upcoming games from Gameinformer for 2014. We Will try and keep you up to date on new games that are being added as the year goes on.

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RGR Vs TeamxEggs


Real Gamers Play TeamxEggs in their Awesomenauts Challenge.

New Matches will be Posted as we play games against Other Groups Hopefully we will get a rematch against TeamxEggs


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Hello Gamers


Hello Gamers,
Welcome everyone to the new Real Gamers formally known as Rpg-net.net. We have moved on and are no longer pointer our fingers towards RPGs. We will become an all around Gaming site for Real Gamers, Mature Gamers, and Casual Gamers. Yes hardcore gamers are welcomed as well Along with all of that I would like to try and get some assisstance is getting this place back up and growing. Read more…